The Causes Why Russian Women Want A Better Life

A lot of girls that are dumping our state for a spouse overseas are in fact young, have the best skills and benefit of a pleasant living conditions, they can keep one child, they haven't been ringed or they are divorced. The only thing that comes to our mind is the reason why they are doing it, the reason why are they modification the ordinary lifestyle, if they have the everything in their country.

But as it known here the quantity of women is much more significant than the variety of men, especially if we will not mention the inactive and drinking ones! The reality is that nowadays almost the whole responsibility for keeping a family lies on our women. It all began at the time of hard times in ex USSR, while going through the problems a significant number of guys became fragile and started abusing of alcohol in order to drown their problems. Indulged boys grow up being significantly irresponsible and started theirs own families, not having the power to provide with the things his family should have. In a lot of cases even after growing men still are protected by theirs mothers. We may discuss much about our minuses, but the reality should be faced, that in all our problems men are guilty. Internet is breaking the boundaries above countries, just like it breaks the boundaries of communication between people.

Disappointed in men our ladies are seeking for a soul mate overseas. How often do our men do compliments to theirs girls? How often do our guys appreciate the hard work they are performing? How many times do they make their girls to be in a good mood? At the time when at least some of them will change their attitude regarding girls, something will be modified, but not until when!

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